Video smart watches are here but, just because a feature says it does video doesn’t always mean what you think.

Video Smart Watch Descriptions

When the description of a Video Smart Watch lists one of its features as Video, beware, as it could mean that it only plays videos or music videos, or it could mean it can record video. Some of these video smart watches need a BT (Bluetooth) connection and the smart phone itself will do the video recording. Some do play music videos and some actually do record video from the smart watch. It is Paramount that one reads the full description of the smart watch and if it is unclear then contact the seller to get clarification. You don’t want to spend even a dime if you can’t learn what the actual feature means.

TF Cards

The TF card may be required due to video requiring a great deal of memory. You can purchase a SanDisk card with 32GB of memory for just a few dollars. In the past it would have cost a great deal as compared with the cost now days. If you purchase a Video Smart Watch or a Smart Watch that has a Camera, usually you will need a TF card to make that feature work for you.


So, how much do these Video Smart Watches cost? It will vary from site to site. Some sites are a lot less in their cost that others. You will just have to visit the sites that advertise these types of watches. We do not want to list known sites as it may be considered favoritism if we do. We recommend Googling ‘VIDEO SMART WATCHES’ and go from there.   Video smart watches are awesome.   View one below.

Video Smart Watch

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How important is brand? Depends. You probably know that most of the Video Smart Watches and other types of Smart Watches are made in China. There are numerous brands from China. This is not to say that the quality is good or bad. I have purchased a few of the Smart Watches from China and find the quality quite good. Even some of the biggest websites that sale smart watches get them from China. There are also some made in the good ole U.S. of A. Some may say you get what you pay for???? In my purchases and opinion it doesn’t hurt to buy a watch for a lower price than to pay a much lower price just because of the brand or the BIG GUYS website. For example: If you could buy a smart watch for $15 that did all that you wanted instead of paying say $29 for the same watch just because of the brand or website name, you could be spending money that you don’t have to. It doesn’t hurt so much if the cost is low enough that you could afford to lose your money at $15, but it would hurt a little more at $29. Of course that is just my opinion based on my experiences.


If you do your research well enough then you will more than likely be happy with whatever decision that you make. At least you will have done your research and made an intelligent decision. You may not be happy with your purchase if you just buy a smart watch just because it looks nice. Take a little more time and compare the descriptions and other information available of different sites. Good luck in your search.

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