Smart watches are the up and coming time pieces if you can relate to that.    All along we bought wrist watches and pocket watches to tell the time.    Then along came newer developed watches that also gave you the date.    Then the digital age of watches came along which added a few more features.    Now, things seem to have exploded.    The original time piece is now basically a wrist computer.    There are so many features built-in to the smart watch that it never seems to stop.    Now there is even video capabilities in them as described below.

Smart Watches

Smart watches are becoming quite commonplace.   There are both iPhone and Android versions.   In my posts I will deal mainly with Smart Watches Android versions as they tend to be lower in price while still being feature rich.   They are unique in the features they have available all stuffed into one small watch the size of a normal wrist watch.   Of course there are pros and cons just as there are in many electronic devices.   If a smart watch will meet your needs then by all means use one.   Below I have listed some features available in smart watches.  The more features a smart watch has the more it cost in general.   However, due to the rapid advancements in technology the price continues to come down.   Now there is even video capabilities built in.   Some smart watches are designed for men and others for women.   Not to leave out smart watches for kids.   Below I will explain about the versions for kids as for the versions for men and women they seem to look very much the same.   Some features will be included just for women which will be discussed below.

Video Smart Watches

Smart watches have come a long way since their inception. Many of them work in conjunction with your smart phone using the Bluetooth connectivity feature, while others standalone. Some have several fitness features while others have different features unrelated to fitness and/or health. Some have standalone cameras while others use the smart phone connection to take pictures. Now some of the latest smart phones also have the feature to be used as a cell phone if the TF Card and SIM Card are installed like the one pictured here.

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Fitness Smart Watches and Bracelets

You may see ads of Fitness Smart Watches or Fitness Smart Bracelets, or something similar in name. There really isn’t a difference in them. They all have basically the same features or at least for the most part. They have the time, date, steps counter, heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor and sedentary alerts and maybe a few additional features. The main difference in them all is the design and how long they will hold a charge on their batteries.

Pros and Cons of Smart Watches


Feature rich – Computer capabilities – Relatively low in cost – Video ability – Designed for different uses


Needs charging often – Some needs the smart phone close by – Can be costly if high tech features built-in

Manufacturer of Smart Watches

Most of the different types and variations of Smart Watches that you find on eBay and other websites are made in China. This is not to say there is anything wrong with that. Some watches are made in the United States and other places. The real benefit of items made in China is usually a lower cost. There is one drawback that I have found and that is the user manual or set of instructions on the watches. It will be in English however, the translation sometime is a little confusing so you have to kind of read between the lines and try to understand what the translation is trying to say. Most features can be understood but sometime they can’t. So, just be aware of this item.


Mos warranties of watches made in China are for 30 days. The more expensive the watch sometime offers a longer warranty but, it will vary by manufacturer, and there are a lot of watch manufacturers in China. Also, please keep in mind that if the watch you buy has for example a 30-day warranty you will normally be responsible for the return packaging and shipping costs. This could cost more than the watch itself. This is to say if you like what you see and read about any watch then go ahead and buy it but consider it like some things, that it is basically a disposable or throw away item and you just buy another, especially if the cost is reasonable.


Items made in China seem to be of good quality, at least so far. I have purchased several watches and found no problems concerning quality. Of course you can buy a Fitness Tracker Watch made elsewhere and maybe pay $200 or more or you could buy one made in China that sells for example around $15. If they both do the same thing and they both last for six months, it makes a lot of sense to buy the lower in cost to replace it with a new one than it does to pay to have it repaired.

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