WHAT’S HAPPENING WITH SMART WATCHES?    My website is at mygiftshack.com. I intend to specialize in different tech type gifts. To begin my site I decided to concentrate on Smart Watches. They are becoming more popular as time goes on. If you have visited my site and read some of my posts you may find them interesting, especially if you are thinking about buying one. I would wait a little longer before your purchase as there are many areas of these watches that I am going to include in my blog. Thiings like what some of the actual features really mean. It is like learning the basic termnology when first getting started using a computer, cell phone, smart phone, etc. For example, the picture I have displayed here talks about Using LBS base……what the He*326352xx6554 is that!!!!! There are some features that are self-explanitory and some that are not.   Take Smart Watch SIMS for example.   There are some Smart Watches that use SIMS, and that gives you the ability to talk on your Smart Watch without having to connect to your Smart Phone!   COOL HUH?   I will be touching on all of the features. Please check out my website for this and other VERY GOOD information so that when you do make a purchase you will at least be informed. Money comes and goes but you don’t have to hurry to spend it on something that will not provide you what you need in a Smart Watch. Till then I hope everyone has a great year.

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