Over the next few weeks I will be making some posts and recommendations of a range of smart watches.   To date I have bought 4 smart watches and have 2 more on order.   It may not be obvious but I am not rich and cannot afford to buy all the watches that I would like so I could give a review on each from personal use.   I plan to go through the one’s I have and the one’s on order after receiving them to see how well they work and see if there are any faulty features or features that just don’t work as made.   My reviews will be honest and will discuss the good the bad and the ugly…..so to speak.   In other words…..pros and cons.   Sorry, but like to have a little fun.

When I do recommend a watch it will be functioning correctly as described and even if a watch has something negative but enough positives I may still recommend it with a note about what if anything is wrong with the watch.   Some watches has so many features and benefits that most people don’t need or use all of them.   If the one’s that I recommend have enough features to satisfy the buyer then by all means buy it and just use the features that you wanted in the first place.   I have bought products in the past that may have had a bug in them like computer software for example, but everything else work fine for my needs.   This is how I look at these smart watches.   I titled this post as SMART WATCH NEWS AND REVIEWS and even though it sounds like a newsletter it is not.   I may use this title again in the future but for now it is a one time title.

Hope this makes sense to all of my readers.  Thanks for reading this far.

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