Below is a list of features available on smart watches. Not all smart watches have all the features but, the list is made available to my readers so they will be aware of what is available. Usually the more expensive a smart watch the more features they have, but not always. My goal with this post on HOW TO BUY A SMART WATCH is to make you aware of features available as compared to the cost of watches. Some low cost watches have a varying number of features. I will list the features available on each watch shown on this site. HOW TO BUY A SMART WATCH is really simple. You list the features that you want from my list then look for a watch that has the features you want. There may be several within a few dollars of each other that have the features that you want, so then, it breaks down to the price that you want to pay. You may find one or more watches that have more features than you want but at a reasonable price. It doesn’t hurt to have a watch with extra features that you may or may not use in the future.Also, bear this in mind – A SMART WATCH IS MUCH LIKE A SMART PHONE. Look at a watch this way, it is a MINI-SMART PHONE. Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for a smart watch is this – just like all smart phones, some may have bugs in them just like some smart phones do. With smart watches it is difficult to get updates like you can with a smart phone, so don’t get discouraged………if all you need are a portion of the features listed for a low price, then when another better watch becomes available just toss the old one and buy the new one. I t is not always worth it to try to get a bug fixed as it could take more time than it is worth. Very much like a low priced smart phone. Most people learn to live with the problem(s) and just replace the phone when a better one becomes available. Another item that can make you think that a smart watch feature isn’t working for you so you get frustrated and think that the watch has a problem with it, however, when you get ready to buy a watch be sure to check the specs so you know what versions of cell/smart phones are comatible with the watch you are interested in. To have a smart watch that allows every feature to work you must ensure that you have the latest versions of everything device involved with the complete process.   For Example:   the smart watch must be BLUETOOTH enable with the latest version of BT.   Also the latest versions of the OPERATING SYSTEM you are using.   For Example:   either iOS or Android ensure you have the latest versions.   There are so many variables that affect how the various features function that some may feel there could be a bug in a device when actually it is lacking the latest versions of software/operating systems, and so on. Smart Phones and smart watches are designed to use software just like a personal computer does. The main difference with a smart phone and a PC is the software is normally on the smart phone not the watch and the software is on the PC. Little strange! As I come up with more buying TIPS I will make new posts on both websites. My main site is and this site is When you click on a watch or other item on it will take you to the second site here. I do have a good reason for this. The site is actually my introduction site while is the site one would actually make a purchase at. I hope this POST will help anyone reading it will make their buying decision easier to make. Hope you have a great day. INDUSTRY WIDE SMART WATCH FEATURES

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