Smart watches are cool. I have bought 4 different smart watches so far. I like most of the features and find they are not too difficult to figure out. However, much like a lot of software programs one may purchase, sometime there are HIDDEN things you don’t know until after the purchase. Two of the main things that I have found that are a big NEGATIVE for me are Poorly written manuals/instructions and the lack of support. If you buy a low cost smart watch, say in the $10 – $20 range, you may be getting a watch from a foreign company with a manual or set of instructions that are POORLY translated to the point that they are very difficult to understand. Foreign translations are sometime so confusing that you just want to beat the watch to a pulp. The second thing that gripes me is the LACK OF SUPPORT! Just try to get and email reply or connect via a phone call and all I can say is good luck! I have had a few promises but no action.

Now, if you pay a little more for a smart watch you may get access to a well translated and well written user manual. What I have found so far is there is no monetary level to where you know if you pay $50 that the manual will be a good one. Maybe if you spent $300 you would expect a well written manual and good support. There are so many companies overseas producing good smart watches that you would have to spend a small fortune just to find out if the manuals and/or support was what it should be. This is not to say that the watches are badly made or have problems, it is like a lot of things bought, maybe there are good manuals and support and maybe NOT. It is just a chance you have to take.

One more things to keep in mind is battery life in these fantastic smart watches. Some are like a few of the smart phones, short-lived on a charge or maybe a watch will hold a charge for a longer period. Keep in mind that with a lot of cell phones and smart phones you need to charge some of them almost daily while others will hold a charge for a longer period. Of course it depends on how much you use your phone in a 24 hour period. The more you use it the shorter time your battery will hold a charge. For example: I purchased a smart watch that has several nice features. I don’t use all of them each day so when it is fully charged it will last 2-3 days before charging again. Some companies are advertising long batter life per charge for as long as 14 days or so.

I have recently learned that there are some newer watches that use a combination of solar power and body power to keep a watch charged all the time. WOW! I know. How COOL is that? I need to do some more research on this subject so, will make an updated post at a future date, not to far into the future, so please check back periodically to read about this amazing development and others.

We also will be adding other tech products to our post and website in the coming days that will help you in all you are buying concerns. So, please check back now and then. Till then I hope you all have a great year.

2 thoughts on “Hidden Problems with Smart Watches – What You Really Need to Know

  1. I actually am impressed with the information you shared in your article on Smart Watches, I have never purchased one because I know nothing about them so reading your article has been very helpful for me.

    I was wondering could you possibly recommend several brands I could consider


    1. Thanks for the comment. As far as recommendations go, it just depends on what features you want. I have purchased 4 different low end watches to see what the quality is like. They pretty much do what is advertised. They all seems to work fine. The documentation leaves a lot to be desired due to translation from whatever language they speak. I have found in my research that if you pay a little more than the low end watches, some come with very good documentation. I will have several watches from low end to high end on my GIFT PAGE within the next 2 weeks with reviews. It is very hard to know if the documentation is going to be good or not until you actually buy it and see. Many of the features of all smart watches are pretty self explanatory while some aren’t. Please check my site in about 2 weeks to see what I have added on my Gift Page and that may help you with your decision. If not let me know and I will do what I can. Until then, hope you have a great day and year.

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