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Smart watches men. This post is for our MOST POPULAR Basic smart watch.   It is loaded with the features most people have been looking for.   There are many considerations to consider when researching for a smart watch.    First, decide what benefits you want to receive from the watch such as sports results, medical monitoring, listening to music or just a general smart watch that has your time and date display and selections for different types of exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming, weightlifting and so on.   If you are a music buff  then make sure your selection has a great music feature.   Your smart phone will actually have the music on it but will be accessible via your watch.   In this review I will explain the benefits and features of one smart watch with a low price tag but a lot of features.   When considering the benefits and features including a reasonable price for a watch you must keep in mind that the more of these features a watch has generally the higher the price will be.   When you buy a smart watch with the features and benefits that you are looking for, then a watch under $100 is going to be fairly easy to find.    If you want advance features like being able to do an ECG/EKG, then there are smart watches that has this capability.   EKG comes from the German word Elektrokardiogramm, but, more recently ECG has become a more popular abbreviation due to its popularity by English speakers.   You also have watches that will play music videos and others that will make video recordings. You also have watches that will allow you to carry on a phone conversation using only your smart watch but, will require a card with ample memory and a SIM card and an account with a mobile phone carrier.   The available features are awesome but the price tag follows along, higher and higher. So, there is a lot to consider when buying a smart watch. The one pictured here is a Basic to Medium featured smart watch with a very reasonable price tag.   Please click on the image below for price and more details.






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